Tough Questions – Your World w/ Creflo Dollar

In this episode, “Tough Questions” in Your World with Creflo,  Pastor Creflo Dollar shows us that there is a philosophy or a “lens” that the world would like to keep us looking through in order to keep us from understanding the truth. But we’re not supposed to gain understanding from our own understanding. We must be careful what and who we listen to when trying to live our lives. If we chose to live by the world, instead of the Word, we may lose our focus, and become distracted by all the bad news floating around, today.

News nowadays can make you feel hopeless. And that’s the enemy’s number one goal.

Every day we hear stories of fear, doubt, anxiety, and more from the media. All of these things filling our minds with negative thoughts, which then brings a harvest of destructive emotions.

But there is another lens that God wants us to consistently look through. It’s the lens of GRACE. As we look at life, and every present circumstance through God’s Word and His grace, it’s then that we can see clearly, and know that He has our good on His mind!

Ask yourself, “What lens am I looking through today”? If it’s the lens of grace and God’s Word, when sickness comes, you can say, “I am healed”, when that light bill is due, you can say, “My God supplies ALL my needs”!

The philosophy (or lens) of the world will never bring us the answers that we need. It’s time to throw off the world’s lens and start looking through God’s lens in order to get the results we need.

You are the head and not the tail!

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  1. All i can say god has been good to you an taffy when god is for us who can be against us,keep preaching the gospel my brother in christ Jesus love you Creflo in Jesus name amen an amen.


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