Restore My Marriage – Your World w/ Creflo

Being taken for granted or lied to, questioning fidelity, or struggling with finances, sometimes a marriage can seem to be headed for disaster. Yet, the truth is marriage was created to bring a man and a woman together to reflect the beauty of Christ. And sadly, without the right tools, marriage gets off track and may even end in the deep, lowly pit of divorce.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:9)

When things get tough most married couples ask, “Can we make this work?” or “Is it really worth it?”

Well, if you’re asking those kinds of question, you still believe there’s hope! And, without a doubt, the answer is YES, it is worth it! In this Your World episode called Restore My Marriage with Creflo Dollar, you will learn key practices that make your marriage stronger and able to withstand the struggles that enemy throws your way.

The question must turn from “Can we make this work?” to “What do we do and what are the tools necessary for this marriage to make it work”?

Once you learn and understand these practical tools, you’ll begin to protect your marriage from failure and enjoy a fulfilling relationship centered on Christ Jesus.

Pastor Creflo Dollar shares some of these practical tools in this powerful episode. You will hear how reading and studying God’s Word, maintaining open communication in marriage, and understanding the value of love and respect in a relationship will transform your marriage from on the rocks to rocking it!

If your marriage needs restoration, or maybe you want to learn how to fail proof your relationship, then this episode is a must see!

Also, be sure to order the special “Fulfilling Marriage” resource so that you can receive even more insights from Creflo on how to have the successful marriage that you and your family deserve!

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  1. That was powerful and the grace part was awsome wow I really cant but n to words all that I want to say but wow! What a marriage ministry that could be come keep going Creflo that was awsome

    • Thank you, Belinda! We are so glad you liked this show and hope you like the upcoming shows. Look forward to hearing back from you again!

      – The “Your World” Team

  2. Very powerful. Glad it worked out for them. It’s so hard when you are trying to resolve an issue and the other person just stays silent or when they respond, they side step it altogether. I feel like walking away but trying to stay in faith.

    • Bella, thank you for your comment and we are glad the program was an encouragement to you. We hope some of the upcoming shows will also help you. Pastor Dollar has may resources online that may also be helpful. – The “Your World” Team


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