Raised by a drug addicted mother, and sexually molested by her first stepfather starting at 6 years old and continuing with the next at the age of 12, Raegan has become a new mom at the age of 21. Though she was doing well in college, she felt lost and alone, and eventually left school for California, where she was talked into doing porn, finding fame as ‘Leah Gotti’. After 8 months, feeling worse each day, she met a man named Amos (an NFL football player), who convinced her to leave that life, and start a family with him. They had a child a year ago, and she fears her background and emotional baggage – such as uncontrollable anger, anxiety and night terrors – will negatively impact her present relationship with her boyfriend and the future of her daughter. Though Raegan believes in God – she went to Church until her past was discovered and faced an online petition for her eviction – she feels unworthy and lost. Can Dr. Dollar help?


  1. I am so glad that I realized that you left porn. Your dignity was not in porn. Porn is very filthy and you are more innocent than to be infected. You are the one who “clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” (proverbs 31:25). God bless you and your family! Hope you all the best! Kiss your husband and your lovely daughter and be happy forever!!!

  2. That church shouldn’t have kicked her out. Your background shouldn’t matter when becoming a Christian. Don’t let this obstacle get in your way. This will be in my prayers 🙏


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