Your World: Overcoming Trust Issues Part 1

During this episode of Your World, entitled – Overcoming Trust Issues Part 1. Pastor Creflo Dollar sat down with Tammy Rivera (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta) and her husband international rap star Waka Flocka Flame. We entered their world of marriage where they faced several challenges. From the media spot light, to trust issues while traveling on the road, we could see first-hand that marriage takes work.

Now, maybe your marriage is not in the media spotlight, but every marriage faces its share of challenges in life. So, what is the key to having a blessed and long lasting marriage?

First of all married couples need to be unified. There are great benefits for married couples who understand the power of unity. God will answer the prayers of a unified couple before they even pray! Unity and forgiveness are keys to a blessed marriage.

Secondly married couples must practice forgiveness. You have probably heard the saying “forgive and forget,” but to someone who is upset after a challenging period in a friendship or marriage, this is often easier said than done. Unforgiveness and a refusal to let go of past hurts is like a ball and chain that will always hold you back from fulfilling your destiny.

Relationships experience challenges, but don’t accept defeat by holding grudges and not releasing situations and people who have hurt you. The Word commands you to forgive others because it is a vital part of your spiritual walk.

Matthew 6:14,15 says, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

Thirdly, learn to let it go. In the process of releasing past offenses, it is important to go beyond your feelings. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Forgiveness AND love is a choice! If you depend on feelings you will NEVER forgive. Don’t let anything keep you from forgiving and forgetting. If you are a Christian, purposing to have a forgiving heart is a quality decision that you must make. Eventually, it should become second nature because it shows your respect and love for God and others.

Finally, always turn to God for help. Remember that you can always turn to God for help where your hurt feelings are concerned. Just as you would pray to Him for stability in your finances or peace in your home, pray to Him about the hurt that you feel. God is capable of not only healing your spirit of hurt and frustration, but He can also restore your relationships. He wants to see you make the effort to respond according to His Word—in love.

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