Your World: Overcoming the Pain of Adultery

Marriage is an institution that has been ordained by God. It was created by God as a gift to us yet often times selfishness gets in the way of what God has made truly special.

But what happens when you suffer from a failing marriage? Adultery, deception, lying, and mistrust infiltrated this particular marriage that has truly come off the rails. Yet, when brokenness leaves you empty, how do you turn to? What kinds of questions do you find yourself asking?

Instead of asking “What is wrong with me” or “Was I to blame?” ask yourself what God can do with where you and your spouse are at, now.

In this episode, “Overcoming the Pain of Adultery” on Your World with Creflo Dollar, there’s no way of knowing where things will end up. The only thing that’s for certain is that God loves His children and will take care of them.

Today, you’ll hear from Lisa Johnson, who is dealing with a failed marriage, an unfaithful husband, rejection, and emotional scars from its devastating course.

Maybe you or someone you know has suffered through adultery, rejection, or abuse in marriage and feel like you are to blame. The fact is that the victim is not to blame, but rather the one who was acting in betrayal.

No matter how deep your wounds are, there is hope! God and His love are ready to heal you of your brokenness and empower you to believe again, hope again, and enjoy life again.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you (1 Peter 5:7).

Take those cares, worries, and anxiety to Jesus and give them to Him. It’s time to let go of the hurt and embrace the healing that God desires for you to have!


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