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In this episode, “Overcoming Depression,” on Your World with Creflo Dollar, discover what a family does when one turns on another, taking the life of an innocent person.

Today’s episode is surreal, addressing one of life’s most devastating events…the murder of Darlene Quincy’s husband and father of two young children. In an instant, Darlene became a widow and is seeking peace, despite the despair.

Tragedy drove her to a deep emotional pain. The unimaginable loss drove her towards God but she also suffers from depression and shock of the event.

What does it truly mean to lose everyone you love but still find God’s love in your life?

As a believer, her faith was always strong but certainly tested through this tough time. Even as a believer, this situation happened. It’s horrific, but being a believer doesn’t mean that we’re immune to life’s tragedies. It does, however, mean that God can carry His children through it in ways we can’t carry ourselves.

See how and why Darlene Quincy’s husband was murdered by her troubled teenage nephew in this episode and truly witness one woman’s heart of mercy and grace. In this powerful episode, we will hear her heartfelt testimony about how depression, fear, and guilt, tried to invade her life but, once she turned to the Lord, she was delivered from depression.

You’ll be amazed by the power of God’s grace that turned her tragedy into triumph.

But that’s not all.

Also, you’ll hear from Nikki Payne, a strong woman who shares her story of defeating depression after the most horrific of circumstances. She lost her entire family in one awful tragedy. She wanted to pray but the murder suicide was too much for Nikki to bear alone. It was a day she could never imagine happening.

If you or someone you know is dealing with Stress, Depression, or Fear, then be sure to watch this episode and discover the power of grace to set you free!


  1. I was very moved about the 2people that had problems with addiction. I can identify with both of them, I to have a broken (artificial) hip, and the only way it can be fixed is by a miraculous healing. No insurance for surgery. My hip is a reminder of my own drug use, I caught a virus when drugging, But God’s grace is sufficient for me. I’m truly set free from drugs now. I’m grateful for your program to remind me that healing is possible for me. Thank you for your wonderful ministry, your teachings are a true blessing to me

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement to be diligent in flooding my heart and mind with the word of God and praise. Accusation is always knocking but God’s love shields…


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