Your World w/ Creflo: Overcoming Addiction

When her older cousin accidently killed her younger sister, Keisha Tate didn’t know what to do. Her life quickly unraveled as her mother coped with the loss through drugs. The addiction led to Keisha living with her grandparents a majority of the time.

What she needed was her mom.

Watch Keisha open up and allow her reality become public in order to show the immeasurable grace of God.

People are faced with many types of negative addictions such as pornography, drugs, alcoholism, eating disorders, just to name a few.  What do you do when you or a family member suffers from addictions such as these? 114 people die from addictions, every single day. It’s not just the person who is addicted that remains affected, but the people in their lives, as well. Keisha’s story is an epitome of God’s grace and how He shows up in your life, when you think no one is there.

On this edition of Your World with Creflo Dollar, we look at the effects of addiction and the trauma it causes those connected to it.

Hear from Keisha Tate, who shares her story about how she felt the “second-hand” effects of addiction beginning at a very early age. When her mother Wanda became addicted to alcohol and drugs, and was put into prison. Keisha is on today’s program to receive healing for her own soul and to believe God for her mom to finally break free permanently from the grip of her addiction. The show also features expert guest Matt Pitt’s story of falling into drugs, his recovery, and restoration with his family and his current ministry to help others like him. If you’re suffering from the effects of negative addiction be sure to watch this full episode and receive God’s grace that can free you from the power of addiction! You are loved!


  1. I bless the name of Jesus through the program that I followed this early morning. I am a Congolese citizen from DRC ( Democratic Republic of Congo), currently in secondment in Luxembourg. I am so much blessed by its message and I believe in the power of God in my life particular and in the life of everyone each days. I know that taking a decision to abandon a lovely addiction is really tough, but something that I know is that we have to start we the first step saying no to the addicton who is overtaking our life and with the strength of the Holy spirit everything will change. God has changed my life since I met him, from that day I do not want to struggle with addiction but i abandon all under the cross my Daddy Jesus Christ. Pastor be blessed again and again with this program and the ministry given to save the life’s people in this Word. Praise to the Lord Amen.


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