Life Transformation – Your World w/ Creflo

How do you go through the process of actually turning your life around?

What are the steps to getting started and maintaining – often through continuous temptations and stress – the journey to life transformation?

The scripture declares that life transformation occurs by changing the way we think (Romans 12:2). During this episode – Life Transformation on Your World with Creflo Dollar, we will meet Anthony Adam and hear his story unfold of his total life transformation.

Anthony’s life was at its end…Helicopters and police cars were coming from everywhere. He had a weed, cocaine, and alcohol problem yet, in that instant, knew he’d really messed up. The power of God’s grace, however is far more strong than the grip of the enemy – something Anthony Adam found out before things got worse.

With his father in prison the day before he was born, Anthony had a hard time loving himself. He spent his childhood unhappy and disrespectful. He turned towards the street life that offered a symbol of family that was simply a façade. With his mother singlehandedly raising him, she worked nights, leaving Anthony at home in a neighborhood that dealt drugs and taught him the street way of life. And though she’d bring him to church on weekends, Anthony knew there was a difference between his every day and his Sunday.

Step into Anthony’s world and understand where he was coming from at such an early age. Now a successful youth pastor, Anthony wasn’t always sure that, because of the hurt that had happened and hell he’d been through, he could really become anything amazing for God. But God captured his heart and focus him on the greater good – reaching out to the lost and introducing them to Jesus.

Through the Grace of God found at World Changers Church, Anthony found the strength and guidance he needed to move his life in the right direction.


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