Your World: Grace for Finances Part 2

Listen and learn from experienced Chicago pastor, Gregory Dickow, as he shares about grace for finances.  You will hear how, if you stick with what God’s grace has given you, you won’t want anything else.

Pastor Dickow and Creflo Dollar walk through the story of the garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve’s first sin was not eating the forbidden fruit but from not eating freely of all the other trees’ fruits.

Had they eaten freely, from the trees God’s grace had given them, they’d have lost their appetite for the tree of life’s temptations.

It’s important to know that no amount of self-effort, including our giving, can earn redemption from the curse. Jesus has already done that through His precious blood so that we can forever be redeemed from the curse of the law.

Now that we are under grace, we tithe and give because we want to, not because we have to do it. We give out of love, out of thankfulness toward God for all He has done for us. We give out of love and never out of fear. Christianity is not a fear based religion; true Christianity is a love based relationship with God.

Tithing won’t curse you; it’s something to bless you. You were made to bless others and the scriptures say that you’re cursed with a curse if you don’t bring a tithe and offering.

 From today forward you can have a giving mindset that says, “He loves me, therefore I love Him back”, “He has blessed me, therefore I bless Him back.”

Embrace this revelation during this inspiring part 2 episode of Grace for Finances with Creflo Dollar and Pastor Gregory Dickow and step into grace-based giving that will change your life!

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