Your World with Creflo Dollar –  Forgiveness

This week’s episode – Forgiveness on Your World with Creflo Dollar. Pastor Creflo Dollar introduces us to a walking miracle. We hear one of the most powerful testimonies of forgiveness from Demetrius Guyton, who as a child, nearly lost his life when his mother filled his baby bottle with milk and hydrochloric acid in an attempt to take his life and collect on a life insurance policy. Demetrius miraculously survived and today bears the scars of his past, both emotionally and physically. But by the power of God’s love and mercy he found the way to forgive and be freed from the pain of his past. He is now re-connected with his mother and they both have found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and are on a journey toward complete restoration in their relationship with each other…now that’s GRACE!

So, how about you? Are you struggling with a past hurt, or maybe you hurt someone and just can’t get over the guilt, or shame?

You now have a choice to make – to forgive or not to forgive that person (or yourself). While very difficult, the right choice will set you free. The wrong choice leads to more pain, suffering, heartache and more.

Ask yourself, is it worth continuing to live in that pain? Let me answer that for you. It’s not! It’s time to finally and truly let go and allow the power of forgiveness to set you free, heal your body and refresh your soul. You can do it!  And don’t listen to the voice that says you can’t. God’s grace is sufficient for you to choose now to walk in forgiveness.

God’s love and mercy empowered Demetrius to find forgiveness, to step into restoration, and it will do the same for you!


  1. Demetrius and his wife are perfect examples of the word- Beautiful. God bless everyone involved in Demetrius’ testimony. God is so awesome!

    • Thank you, Joy for taking the time to connect with us here online. Please continue to watch and leave us your thoughts. – The “Your World” Team


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