Your World: Fighting Cancer with Faith II

Incurable is a word God does not get. With Him, all things are possible. Incurable is just a lie that the enemy wants us to believe so that we give up fighting for our lives.

In this episode “Fighting Cancer with Faith II” on Your World with Creflo Dollar, you will witness the tremendous faith of a woman fighting cancer. When our guest was diagnosed, she was a minister with a message centering around God’s immeasurable healing. Learn how she fought shaken faith and tumultuous thoughts, today, in this special, part 2 episode.

You’ll see that grace is God’s unmerited, unearned favor for our lives. It has been made available to the whole world. So, how do we respond to this grace that has provided everything we need from salvation, healing, deliverance, to prosperity? The response factor is…FAITH!

“This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” (1 John 5:4 NIV)

No matter what negative situation we face, we can release our faith in the promises of God for His provision that brings us the strength we need to come through victorious.

Hear stories of biblical healing and testimonies of cancer survivors that attribute their healing to faith in Jesus Christ, in “Fighting Cancer With Faith II.” Faith will cause us to be grateful in the midst of hard times. It will keep your focus on the promise and not the problem.

 At the end of the day we can be grateful and say… Our God is a good God. We have our faith, we have our Jesus, and therefore we are rich, we are blessed. Remember, it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, so it’s your time, your season, to embrace that provision that has been made for you!

Enjoy this powerful episode of “Fighting Cancer with Faith” part 2 and be encouraged to receive your miracle!

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