In 2002, on the way back from picking up her wedding dress to renew her vows, Dorothy Span was in a severe car accident, while driving five children and her husband. Inside the vehicle were her two young daughters, her nephew, and her best friend’s two boys.. Her friend’s 10-year old son nicknamed ‘Teeth’, was killed as he was ejected from the car as it rolled, end over end four times. She went to her best friend’s house before the funeral to pay her respects. She was met with whispers and muttering from the other guests of, ‘what is SHE doing here?’. The dead boy’s grandmother started yelling at Dorothy, and her husband finally pulled her out of the house. Dorothy has attempted suicide many times since 2002, with pills and knives, and has been institutionalized for her attempts. She always wanted to reconcile with her best friend, who she always thought of as her sister – so she could tell her side and beg for forgiveness. But her friend will not speak with her. She wants to forgive herself but has no idea how. There’s no way she can ever bring her best friend’s son back to life, and no way to release herself from the pain of the memory and knowledge of the agony and despair she may have caused.


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