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In today’s episode “Fatherless in the World Part 2” – Devin Tyler tells Pastor Creflo Dollar how grace helped him overcome a lack of trust in men, and how his life changed when God stepped in and became the loving father that Devin so desperately needed.

Abandonment can be a real challenge to overcome. Being raised fatherless, Devin felt the void of not having a genuine father figure to rely on, or to learn from. There was no father figure around to teach him how to be a good man; therefore Devin often relied on the negative influence of his peers, which landed him into trouble often.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of homes headed by single mothers has risen from 3 million to 10 million since 1970. Although these statistics only represent U.S. figures, these numbers are similar all over the world.

What we see happening among today’s youth is clearly the result of a fatherless generation. Young people need guidance. There are teenage boys who don’t have a clue what it means to be a man, and young women who don’t know their worth. Over the years, many people have allowed the enemy to subtly destroy their families. However, families can be restored when we understand how to function and operate according to the Word of God.

By God’s standards, fathers are also the providers for the family. Men, God will provide for you as you provide for your families. He will father you as you father your children. This is the principle of seed time and harvest. God promises all fathers His fatherly involvement in their lives based on their fatherly involvement in their children’s lives.

Fathers must strive to love their children with a deep, intimate, God-kind of love. You cannot allow your emotions to hinder your ability to properly love your children. They should not have to seek out love in all the wrong places, or feel there is something missing in their lives because they lack your love. Fathers, it’s time to develop a healthy, intimate relationship with your sons and daughters. Spend quality time with them; let them know you passionately love and support them.

Be confident in the ability of God’s grace to empower you to be the BEST father you can be!

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