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In these episodes of Your World with Creflo, Pastor Creflo Dollar sits down with guests who deal with on issues surrounding the topic of identity.

If you are facing identity problems in your life as well, here are several episodes that you should view:

  • Overcoming Depression
    • In this episode, “Overcoming Depression,” on Your World with Creflo Dollar, discover what a family does when one turns on another, taking the life of an innocent person. Today’s episode is surreal, addressing one of life’s most devastating events…the murder of Darlene Quincy’s husband and father of two young children. In an instant, Darlene became a widow and is seeking peace, despite the despair.

  • Life Transformation
    • The scripture declares that life transformation occurs by changing the way we think (Romans 12:2). During this episode – Life Transformation on Your World with Creflo Dollar, we will meet Anthony Adam and hear his story unfold of his total life transformation.
  • Identity Crisis
    • Did you know that if you are born again, you are part of a royal family? It doesn’t matter what your background is, the color of your skin, or which side of the tracks you grew up on. In this episode – The Identity Crisis on Your World with Creflo Dollar, we’ll find out how or why Jesus has leveled the playing field for each and every person who chooses to accept Him as Lord and Savior.