When LaToya Graham was only four years old, her father was brutally murdered by his girlfriend in a crime of passion, leaving Latoya and her two sisters to be raised by her mother and grandparents. But when Latoya turned twenty, the rest of her family, one by one,began to pass away too. Her Aunt died in 2005, and she lost her Grandfather 9 months later. Four months after that, her mother was. gone. Each death drove despair into her soul, and she started to believe that God was no longer paying attention. Recently, her two nephews’ natural father returned to the scene and won custody of the boys away from Latonya, forbidding contact. Latonya feels completely broken, and says she no longer ‘knows who she is anymore’. She still takes care of her autistic sister, and, despite now being engaged to be married, believes that life is fundamentally tragic and offers no real chance at happiness. She is a ghost of herself. She wants, more than anything, to experience healing.


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