Your World w/ Creflo: A Spirit of Division

Welcome to this very special edition of Your World. It’s special because Creflo Dollar , who usually sits in a chair and talks to a guest about God’s grace and love that can change anything, is standing today. His message is not for a guest, but FOR YOU.

In this episode, Creflo Dollar invades your world and introduces you to an onslaught of color and racial tensions that are simply the enemy’s warfare meant to direct your focus away from the Creator of all people and all nations.

While most people amplify cultural differences, on this episode “A Spirit of Division”. Pastor Creflo Dollar wants to discuss the common bond that binds us all regardless of our color, culture, or belief system—we’re all human.

When we separate cultures in an attempt to define, or set ourselves apart from other races. In essence, we’re subtly operating in a spirit of division; the same spirit which has wreaked havoc on this nation and the world, causing separation, rather than merging the cultures.

In Germany, a person from that country is considered to be German. Likewise, a person from Italy is considered to be Italian. However, when an Italian or German person becomes an American citizen, their cultural distinctions no longer exist—they’re both Americans. The same is true for a born—again Believer. Once you’re born again, you’re part of the household of faith; a brother or sister with anyone who is of the same household. You’re no longer White, Black, Italian, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, or whatever ethnic or religious distinction you formerly embraced. You’re a Christian!

When we discover who we are in Christ. Embrace His love, and gain a solid understanding of our covenant with God, we’ll begin to thrive in the unity of God’s perfect design. If you would like to know more about how to defeat the spirit of division by embracing God’s love, be sure to order this week’s special offer!

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  1. Today I was heading to turn on the news, and I never watch TBN unless Billy Graham, David Jeremiah or Charles Stanley are one. And suddenly…there you were. I listened. I am a white, 61 year old conservative, born again, fundamental Baptist woman with an online ministry reaching out to hurting women.
    There, you know all about me. LOL.

    I never heard you speak although I do know of you.

    So I listened.

    Here, was a man speaking what all need to hear.
    1st Christ.
    2nd we are “one” in His eyes no matter what our skin color may be..
    3rd do not let our nation divide as the devil would hope for.

    There are “certain” groups and “darkness” in the world that would like nothing more than to see our nation
    pushed off the clff by racial divide.

    There is good and bad in all of us. But we all want peace, to be loved, to be accepted.
    And we can have this if we 1st have Christ living within us.

    Yes, my brother Cleflo, we may differ on a few minor Biblical perspectives but the most important
    message is His. We must get on our feet as brothers and sisters in Christ. Hold each other up and
    accountable for our mistakes. We all are sinners.

    I love all people no matter who they are, what they have, what they have done.
    For I too am a women of flesh and bone, a sinner, saved.
    When we are filled with that born again desire to reach out, we cannot help but love.

    This nation needs God.
    This nation needs Godly men and women to stand strong and speak out.
    This nation needs forgiveness from a Holy God that we have no stood up for.

    Your message today was outstanding. May He guide you in all you do.
    May he continue to give you the words to proclaim, LOUDLY.

    May you be especially blessed!

    Lord, help Bro. Creflo to reach those who need to come to YOU and be born again.
    Lord, give Bro. Creflo the wisdom and spiritual strength to GO & TELL a nation that
    is being torn apart to once again, forgive, come together and be blessed by an Almighty God.
    In the name of Jesus I ask, Amen.

    • Thank you, Sister Jo Wilmer. We appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to connect with us here online. We will make sure Pastor receives your message! – The “Your World” Team


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